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Nowadays, we can treat and save many teeth that have been doomed to extraction before. This is possible thanks to modern endodontic therapy (root canal treatment).  
Every single tooth is worth fighting for, even though it is initially a cause of painful discomfort. In this situation, the last and often only chance to save the tooth is root canal treatment. Thanks to immense advances in technology we can now save teeth that otherwise would have to be extracted.
Root canal treatment explained simply involves the removal of infected or dead pulp from the pulp chamber and root canal system of teeth, mechanical and chemical clean-up, and finally sealing it using filling materials specially developed for that purpose.

To help us reach the best results in endodontic therapy we use:
In conjunction with the endometer Raypex 5, the micromotor ENDO IT PROFESSIONAL is a device that makes it possible to obtain previously unreachable performance of root canal treatment.

Effective endodontic treatment and an appropriate restoration of teeth are an essential basis to obtain a healthy and beautiful smile. In order to succeed, our doctors also work with the help of a microscope. Using a microscope enables us to magnify the treatment area, find all of the root canals, clean them up and precisely fill them.

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